Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Flysch, Itzurun beach, Zumaia, Basque Country, Spain

Flysch K/T de Zumaya, Guipuzcoa. 
Flysch K/T de Zumaya, Guipuzcoa by Eustoquio Molina

This is the longest set of continuous rock strata in the world, known locally as the "flysch;" they date from the mid-cretaceous period to the present, a time period of over 100 million years. The K-T boundary is present at the Itzurun beach, and fossils can be found, notably of ammonites. The strata stretches along a distance of about 8 km, between the towns/beaches of Deba and Getaria, with Zumaia lying in the middle. Wikipedia

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